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Site Updates!

You may or may not have noticed some changes around the Lily website. This is a continuing process, and here’s a quick update to some of what’s been going on to help make getting around a little easier! New Smart Shop Search The new search box will start to show you relevant results from the […]

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Winter’s Final Blast

I can’t recall another spring that’s been as cold and snowy as this one. While finishing my last weaving project for the season, there were several days of freezing temps in the early mornings, with lots of chilly blasts of wind and weirdly, snow squalls — often several short squalls each day! I watched some […]

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And I’m Not Done Just yet…

So yes, I’ve still been binge weaving, which for most weavers would just mean “still working”, but these are unusual times for me. Since my last post I’ve done 5 more groups of scarves, nearly one right after the other. This started after I was trying to straighten up all the cones of chenille in […]

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature