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More Collaborations…

My friend Bob Simbari has been taking beautiful photographs around here for many years, and he has an uncanny sense of color, capturing amazing sunrises and sunsets, among other things. So, when he showed me his photo, Sunrise at Deansboro, I had to agree with him that its colors would indeed make a lovely textile […]

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On Collaborations…

Over many years of creating jewelry, I’ve had an unusual collaboration with a local artist unknown to me: C.C. Pflanz, of Utica, NY. In 1948, Mr. Pflanz engraved some steel plates  which were likely used to decorate or emboss aluminum trays and tableware that was popular in the 1950’s. Each plate features a floral bouquet […]

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Lilygram : October 2016

Hello Everyone, Autumn’s here, bringing a new crispness to the air, shorter days with deeply colored skies and beautiful eye popping colors – no matter the weather. Rain and chill have also visited us, and that has me busy in the studio creating several new pieces of jewelry. Some colorful Ethiopian Opals stand out when […]

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